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paperbackprincess ([personal profile] paperbackprincess) wrote2012-06-20 12:29 am
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Bees and a visit

Friday evening my beek mentor, John, and his son came up to see my bees. They brought me a deep and a solid bottom board to try out. Both were ten frames, and I run eight, so I'll have to block the extra space somehow. I also picked up some more frames and a frame rest from Brushy Mountain, last Wednesday. I got the wrong top bars for the frames so I need to exchange them. Today I quickly went out and moved the frames in the last two places in the second(middle) box and switched them with two of the empty frames from the top/third box. I also put the feeder back in the top box and I'm hopeful that they will finish cleaning it out. As soon as I can get those new frames together, I can go cut the extra comb off the bottom of the frames and finish getting it arranged to my satisfaction.