Bees and a visit

Wednesday, 20 June 2012 12:29 am
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Friday evening my beek mentor, John, and his son came up to see my bees. They brought me a deep and a solid bottom board to try out. Both were ten frames, and I run eight, so I'll have to block the extra space somehow. I also picked up some more frames and a frame rest from Brushy Mountain, last Wednesday. I got the wrong top bars for the frames so I need to exchange them. Today I quickly went out and moved the frames in the last two places in the second(middle) box and switched them with two of the empty frames from the top/third box. I also put the feeder back in the top box and I'm hopeful that they will finish cleaning it out. As soon as I can get those new frames together, I can go cut the extra comb off the bottom of the frames and finish getting it arranged to my satisfaction.

Bees, digging and rain.

Thursday, 7 June 2012 10:13 pm
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Added another box to the hive and pulled two medium frames to put in it. I replaced them with empty mediums in the second box. I really need to get those deep frames out, and the extra cut off and rubber banded into other frames. If I get a queen excluder between the second and third boxes and move the queen up to the third box, then the bees can all hatch from the deeps and I can move them out easier. Although it was all bright and sunny, as soon as I got the lid back on, it started to rain. The weather has been pretty wet which has made taking care of the bees interesting, and trying to move the big dirt pile to cover the drain pipe. An hour of digging every day. *Le sigh*

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